Sunday Aug 7th 10am-3pm #DeltaBC Culinary Farm Tour

Didar Berry Farm Located 5580–104 Street #DeltaBC

“Sunday will be our last day of the season and it will also be the the day of the Experience Delta Farms and Culinary Tour! Come out from 10 AM — 3 PM for tractor tailor rides, tours of the farm, and a chance to try a treat made by a local chef with our very own blueberries! We will remain open after the tour until 9 PM.” — at Didar Berry Farm.

From Experience Delta :

“Didar Berry Farm was founded in 2005 on Burns Bog’s designated agricultural land. The unique ecological wonder that is Burns Bog has provided the essential minerals and nutrients in the soil for the growth of delicious blueberries in the summer months.
The family-owned and operated farm takes advantage of the highly fertile land to ensure superior quality and abundance. As a family business they take great pride in their product and ensure the highest quality at all times, with each blueberry handpicked and inspected carefully.
Their blueberries are shipped out and delivered within 30 hours to their final destination due to their single-step supply chain.”