At Deluge Network, our work is inspired by the values of connectivity, accessibility, and reliability. Blockchain is about more than technology — its about how we, the users, interact with each other. Through nurturing the user and their experiences with technology, we like to think a better, more equitable world is achievable. There are many more like us in this space, and we are always on the lookout for exciting developments that align with our values.

And we found one! Check out our description below, and please check out the people and orgs involved!

Andrea Louie LLM, of Martin Davis…

photo credit: José Martín Ramírez C

After months of internal development, we’re starting to open ourselves up to the public, and to do so we’ve got 2 approaches: digital, and conferences and events. We’re really excited to finally begin engaging with the community at large, and as a first step we’ve secured a speaking slot at the upcoming Blockchain World Conference, held at the Atlantic City Harrah’s Hotel!

For our first speaking engagement, General Manager of Deluge Binnur Al-Kazily will be addressing the Women’s Luncheon on where the industry is going in terms of gender, and how the trends that tech is so well-known for can…

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, exist on an underlying technology called a blockchain, which is, in very basic terms, a record of transactions between two parties. This isn’t a particularly new concept — after all, banks have been keeping track of financial accounts for centuries. What is new is the technology behind it: all activity logged on a blockchain is automatically distributed across and then absorbed by the entire network, creating a universal ledger documenting authenticity dictated entirely by code. The risk of human error or malfeasance is drastically reduced by this technology.

This is an astounding advance in technology, but…

Bitcoin’s a thing. Ethereum is a thing. EOS and AION and Wanchain and more are now becoming things. …

A recent flood of media coverage and social media buzz has catalyzed a frenzy of activity and interest in cryptocurrencies. The platforms feeling the pinch the most? Users trading with exchanges.

If nothing is perfect, then it’s no surprise that these crypto-exchanges are facing controversy in response to slow transaction times, failed transactions en masse, server capacity issues, and a general lack of trust from the community stemming from hacks to boot.

The result: would-be investors trying to get onboarded to swap their dollars for crypto get caught in a web of forms, phone calls, and waiting around, often for…

We set out to create Deluge with one mission: to offer users a way to harness the value of their Bitcoin while employing the speed and power of Ethereum.

Watch the video below to get acquainted with Deluge, including the context for which we are building Deluge, how it works, and what to expect next.

Have more questions? Don’t forget to join our Discord for immediate updates about Deluge, and any bounty and/or airdrops we’ll be planning in the near future.


See you online!


Deluge Network

Contribute your BTC to any ICO, or convert from BTC and back again without using an exchange.

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