Carpet Stains That Come Back … Or Your Imagination?

Did you drop something else in that exact spot on your carpet… or did someone else do it? Is it your imagination or was there a spot in that place before the carpet cleaners did their last cleaning?

It’s very difficult to tell,but this week a new customer, Sarah, who told me that they have tried three different carpet cleaners in the last eighteen months and the carpet stain at the top of their stairs kept reappearing within a few weeks of each cleaning. She was very upset….

We solved the problem for Sarah but this is a situation that we see over and over.

So for those readers that don’t live in Manchester or Stockport UK and therefore cannot take advantage of the expert services of Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning I put together this little guide

to demystify that reappearing carpet stain.

I explain the reasons for such carpet stains and how to treat them yourself with some patience. I hope you find it useful