Constructing An Effective Website

Remko van Dokkum

It is vital in today’s age to have a website for your business. Plenty of businesses have realized this, but there is still more who have not yet recognized that this is an issue which needs to be addressed. Once a business realizes they need a website or if they already do the next important question faces them: Is the website well designed? A lot of websites fail immediately from the get-go though due to their design. Ten years ago before the take-off of mobile devices the design requirements for websites were far easier, but that’s no longer the case. For those who will be responsible for overseeing the creation of their business’s website lets cover important issues that need to be kept in mind.

Websites today need to be capable of displaying and working properly on a long list of devices with varying screen sizes thanks to mobile devices. If a business ignores this important aspect their digital marketing will take a major hit which can lead to lots of lost revenue. There are two design methods available, Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD). RWD gives your site a set of rules based on screen size and percentages that are applied to elements on the page depending on the size of the screen. This allows a page to adapt to size; you can test this by changing the size of your browser window.

AWD instead changes based on the browser/screen size being used. It does not have the predefined rules that RWD has and instead simply detects what device is being used. The changes for this website design will occur when a trigger is initiated and those triggers are a user using a different device with a different screen size to view your site. The disadvantage of AWD is it can’t adjust to a new device that has a new screen size which isn’t already programmed in. RWD on the other hand can because it is working off of a set of rules which doesn’t need rely on predetermined screen sizes already being known.

The next important issue for a business’s website is how well it is laid out. How long or how many clicks does it take a customer to find the page or product they’re searching for? When people visit a website they want to quickly find the page they’re looking for otherwise they will become deterred from staying on the website. Expecting someone to realize they need to go three-five pages deep to find the link that takes them to the right page is unreasonable and people will rarely make that much effort. Therefore it’s imperative that your site have a search function and have easy access directly from the home page to all services and/or products you offer.

So remember these important issues when redesigning your current website or building a new one so that your get the most from your digital marketing platform.