Introducing 2016’s GOP GHOUL-bernatorial Candidates

DGA gives Republican candidates Halloween costumes

Feeling a little frightened?

Maybe it’s because you’ve caught wind of the out-of-step priorities Republican gubernatorial candidates are pushing across the country. Or, perhaps it’s because you got a glimpse of these startling candidates dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

In the spirit of Halloween, the Democratic Governors Association has given costumes to Republicans running for governor in 2016. But be warned — these candidates can get a little frightening.

“Halloween is a spooky time of year,”said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But even more frightening is the out-of-step agendas being pushed by Republicans gubernatorial candidates in 2016. From New England to the Pacific Northwest, Republicans across the country are offering a startling vision for middle class families. They can try to mask their dangerous priorities, but these GOP GHOUL-bernatorail candidates can’t hide from voters on Halloween.”

Introducing 2016’s GOP GHOUL-bernatorial candidates:

New Hampshire GOP Candidate Chris Sununu: Donald Trump

Chris Sununu loves to remind New Hampshire about his unabashed support for Donald Trump and his attacks on women, veterans, Latinos, and the disabled. Like Trump, Sununu is running on a questionable business record, and the Trump/Sununu ticket stands to be a real fright for the Granite State. Make Halloween Great Again!

Indiana GOP Candidate Eric Holcomb: Mike Pence

This one shouldn’t be hard to pull off. Eric Holcomb has already said he was “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record, and has doubled down on Pence’s anti-LGBT agenda in Indiana. The scariest thing of all: Holcomb’s push to continue Pence’s failed economic record in the Hoosier State. Yikes!

North Carolina GOP Candidate Pat McCrory: Bathroom Police

Freeze! Bathroom Enforcement Officer Pat McCrory needs to check your birth certificate before entering the restroom. This Halloween, McCrory can help police House Bill 2, his wide sweeping anti-LGBT law in North Carolina.

Missouri GOP Candidate Eric Greitens: Mystery Money Man

Eric Greitens loves taking donations from questionable sources: he loves taking money from his charity he started to help veterans, he loves taking money from campaign donors accused of sexual abuse, and he loves taking money from mysterious outside groups that refuse to disclose their donors.

Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte: No trespassing sign

When Greg Gianforte moved to Montana from New Jersey, he sued the state to block assess to public fishing grounds near his property in Bozeman. Now, Gianforte can use this Halloween costume to tell trick-or-treaters the same thing he told Montana hikers and anglers: Get off my property!

West Virginia GOP candidate Bill Cole: A lemon

West Virginians might turn a sour face when they see Bill Cole dressed as a lemon on Halloween, but it’s a fitting costume for the used car salesman who tried to roll back the state’s Lemon Laws for used car sales to benefit his own bottom line.

Vermont GOP Candidate Phil Scott: A scientist

This Halloween, Phil Scott can dress up as a scientist — even though he says he isn’t one. When Scott tried to run away from his record about disputing human impact on climate change, Scott said, “I am not a scientist — and I’ve never pretended to be.”

Washington GOP Candidate Bill Bryant: ?

I’m sorry — who? In the 2012 gubernatorial cycle, the Republican Governors Association dumped more than $11 million into the state’s governor’s race. But RGA support for Bill Bryant has been notably absent this cycle — despite big talk out of RGA Chair Susana Martinez.

Oregon GOP Candidate Bud Pierce: ?

Bud Pierce has been running an otherwise invisible campaign, except for one exception: when he said that well-educated women with high paying jobs are not susceptible to domestic violence. Those comments sparked a national backlash that sent his campaign into an all out free fall.