It’s fall, and while campaigns have been ramping up across the state, Governor Bruce Rauner has remained coy about his re-election intentions. Despite putting $70 million in the bank, Rauner so far has yet to officially announce his run for re-election.

The Rauner’s Broken Record Tour hopes to help the Governor launch his re-election by reminding voters exactly what he’s done to the state.

Under Rauner, Illinois has reached new lows. His refusal to compromise pushed the state into a two-and-a-half year budget impasse, the longest since the Great Depression. His practice of playing political games instead of putting Illinois families first drove out jobs, piled on debt, and weakened the state’s education system. And his failure to lead has put Illinois’ economic future in doubt.

Illinois just keeps falling further behind, and Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership is to blame.

Rauner said he was going to get Illinois’ fiscal house in order. Instead, things have gotten MUCH worse. Since taking office, Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership has made Illinois worse off financially, economically, and educationally.

● The state’s bond rating has been downgraded EIGHT times under Rauner and is now the lowest ever for a U.S. state. That means taxpayer dollars go to interest payments instead of vital services.

● The state’s bill backlog jumped by $10 billion since Rauner took office, which could have cost the state $800 million a year in late payment interest fees.

● Illinois job growth has been stagnant and the state keeps losing people to other states. Illinois has the lowest job growth rate in the region since 2016.

● Illinois’ schools were hurt by Rauner’s political games and were in danger of closing.

● Illinois’ colleges and universities lost over 7,000 jobs and saw enrollments drop by 70,000 students. With higher fees, it’ll cost middle class families more to send their kids to college.

Bruce Rauner’s refusal to compromise triggered a two-year budget crisis and caused chaos for millions across Illinois while devastating the state’s economy.

● Rauner vetoed two budgets since taking office, refusing to compromise and creating two years of chaos.

● The chaos only ended when a bipartisan group of lawmakers came together to override Rauner’s veto, giving the state its first budget in two years.

● Illinois reached new milestones during this time — longest budget impasse since the Great Depression and lowest credit rating by any state ever.

● And what does Illinois have to show for two years of chaos? More debt, lost jobs, decimated services, and an education system in shambles.

Bruce Rauner’s two-year budget impasse and budget policies decimated Illinois’ community services. Some service providers say they will never recover. Under Bruce Rauner, the damage has been done.

● Over 1 MILLION Illinoisans lost access to services they need. 25% of agencies cut programs that serve Illinoisans.

● Illinois women saw critical services cut — domestic violence shelters turned away 7,800 victims and the number of women receiving cancer screenings dropped 34%.

● Families saw reduced services — more than 30,000 fewer children are receiving child care today than just a few years ago.

● Just when the opioid crisis is growing, 24,000 fewer people were admitted to drug treatment, and 80,000 lost access to needed mental health care.

● While he’s cut services, Rauner failed to help working people. He vetoed a needed raise for workers and opposed policies that would make the wealthy pay their fair share.

Illinoisans expect their Governor to stand up for their best interests, but Bruce Rauner simply refuses to stand up to President Donald Trump. Rauner’s silence leaves Illinois vulnerable to the destructive policies pursued by Trump.

· Rauner remained on the sidelines during the fight over Trumpcare, which would have driven up costs while removing needed protections on middle-class families.

· Illinois’ Senators wrote Rauner four times asking him to weigh in on Trumpcare. Rauner refused.

· Rauner won’t even answer simple questions like “How is Donald Trump doing?” Watch for yourself:

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