If you’re worried about healthcare, Bill Schuette would be a nightmare as Michigan’s governor.

After over 30 years of looking out for special interests, Schuette is now running for governor on a promise to help Donald Trump and Republicans in DC rip healthcare away from Michigan’s seniors, working families and people with pre-existing health conditions.

Bill Schuette’s refusal to stand up to Trump doesn’t just threaten life-saving services and coverage, it’s a direct attack on the health and economic security of Michigan’s middle class.

Here’s exactly how Schuette’s “Unhealthy Michigan” plan would hurt Michigan families.

Dismantling Healthcare for 680,000 Michiganders:

Bill Schuette’s healthcare takeaway threatens the 680,000 Michiganders covered under Healthy Michigan. Rolling back Medicaid expansion in Michigan would also cost jobs, hurt hospitals and health centers, and undermine efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

Even Rick Snyder opposes Trump’s healthcare agenda and touts expanding Medicaid under Healthy Michigan as one of his accomplishments. It’s a major rift — among others — between Snyder and Schuette.

Slashing Protections for People with Pre-Existing Health Conditions:

Bill Schuette has refused to stand up to Donald Trump’s ongoing attempts to slash protections for Michiganders with pre-existing health conditions. That threatens care for cancer survivors, kids born with life-threatening diseases, and people with diabetes and asthma, among more than 4 million people in Michigan with a pre-existing health condition.

“If Republicans get their way and get rid of protections for pre-existing conditions, that would be a disaster for our young family. My husband, Stephen, was born with a pre-existing condition — spina bifida — and is in a wheelchair. It is wrenching knowing that Republicans could cause the cost of our health coverage to skyrocket — or even disappear altogether,” said Heidi Draft-Peppin, a clinical social worker from Grand Rapids.

Schuette even said he thought making insurance companies cover maternity coverage was “stupid.”

Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs:

While millionaires and billionaires continue to benefit from expensive tax giveaways, Trump is sabotaging healthcare and jacking up premiums for working families. In fact, Trump’s reckless healthcare agenda could raise prices by an average of $1,500 per person in Michigan.

“When my apartment caught on fire, I had to jump out of a window to escape — fracturing my ankle, shattering my heel bone and breaking my back. That led to several surgeries and months of therapy,” said Wayne County Resident Stefanie Mezigian. “Without the Affordable Care Act, I would be bankrupt and am not sure I would have been able to relearn how to walk. In contrast to Bill Schuette, we need a governor who is going to stand up and speak out when Republicans in DC try to rip our healthcare away.”

Instead of fighting healthcare sabotage to lower costs for Michigan families, Bill Schuette said, “I think the President is doing the right thing.”

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