If an article has already 200 or more green hearts I will purposely avoid it.
A Ennis

Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me!! I never thought I would get a good size following to be honest. It means so much because I want to touch and help heal with my words.

I just wrote what made me feel, and wrote what I loved to write — I think when you worry too much if people will notice it or like it you start to filter your thoughts and your writing than it just becomes another “how to” article — you worry about appeasing others. Write from your soul, write what makes YOU happy, angry, passionate whatever drives emotions to transpire to the page.

Your article is so accurate and so correct you touched upon so much with honesty. In the age of social media we base our worth off of the “likes”, if it gets 2 hearts or 200, it doesn’t validate the worth/talent of your writing.

Just keep writing, but if you write for likes — you are only fulfilling your ego. Writing people get so wrapped up in their egos they forgot why they are really writing. If I worried about my ego, I never would of shared my work, never would of wrote my first book.

I personally write because I love too its a passion, because I want to heal, help and inspire — that is why I write, to create conversations.

People need to ask why am I writing? Maybe there is no specific answer but their is always something that drives you to hit the pen to paper.

Sending so much sunnies your way! Beautifully done article 🌻🌻🌻

This is one of my favorite articles it’s Hemingway on writing https://www.brainpickings.org/2013/04/19/hemingway-on-writing/

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