About Your Tropical Zodiac Sign

Astrolosophy/Agent 64 Notice:

Is there a way to follow all of my metaphysical musings?

Probably not, but if you read the following it might help!

This is a Tropical Astrology site that discusses Tropical Astrology, Metaphysics and Cultural Mythology from all over the world.

I tend to include components of astrophysics such as the orbit of the planets and their chemical composition because there is a belief that the planets distance and angle impacts our transdimensional weather in a holistic way.

I occasionally discuss comets, asteroids and other details of the sacred feminine in astrology, but I am modern in believing that all planets are just as much feminine as they are masculine, regardless of their patriarchal male name(s).

I feel just as comfortable calling Mars by its male name as i would calling it Minerva. I am also as comfortable calling Pluto “Kali” as it embodies many of the same aspects and gives us a cross-cultural perspective and deeper meaning.

It is also important to keep in mind the three types of planetary “flavors”:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Transpersonal

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are considered “personal” planets. These planets are supposed to help us to understand how we think and communicate, what our ethics and hierarchy of needs are, and how we take action and handle conflict(s).

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and grandiose affairs. Everything pertaining to glory and excess. This also plays a strong role in overdoing things with others or overextending the self.

Jupiter and Saturn are considered “social planets” and they represent our need to balance our personal emotional and intellectual existence with the needs, demands and beliefs of the social order that we are born into. Jupiter represents fortune and philosophy and Saturn represents limitations, time management and authority.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris are considered “transpersonal” because they impact people generations at a time. These planets also mix with the social planets and in theory, influence our view of existentialism and our collective sense of consciousness and humanity.

When i post about the skies it is general information that discusses how the energy impacts us all and what to be aware of. It is about as accurate as a weather report, sometimes right on and other times infinitely off. I do this as philosophy and art, not quantifiable or immutable fact. Have fun with it.

I generally don’t do horoscopes for each of the signs individually, but when I do, I tend to group them by element or “Platonic Solid.”

Fire = Tetrahedron

Earth = Hexahedron

Air = Octahedron

Water = Icosahedron

Finally, if you are a big horoscope reader you benefit most by getting your natal chart so that you can read the horoscope for your sun-sign, moon sign and your ascendant.

The ascendant is like the gatekeeper to your soul. It is your outward persona or mask. Think of it as the doorman for the very exclusive establishment that is you. It is your ambassador to the world beyond your personal inner space.

The moon sign is more like your body and emotion’s physical yearnings with respect for this life. The moon sign is considered both your intuitive vessel and the cosmic tuning fork for your emotions and how such feelings integrate with your intellect. The moon sign represents how well that you tend to your home, your needs and the shadow of your will. The moon is USUALLY that which you subconsciously seek and therefore is often outside of your scope of everyday awareness if you don’t focus on your deeper moods and emotions.

The sun is the ego, will and vitality that one usually connects to eternal spirit. This is what you consciously seek in this life. This is also how you express yourself to the world even though you may have many more complex layers playing out based on where the other planets are at the time of your birth.

When I get certain questions in my message box, it becomes clear that I need to share some information for those of you that are new to this page and seek a little more information. But always keep in mind that these are philosophical musings based on a craft that current scientific institutions do not endorse. So use your knowledge of cogency in the context of critical thinking to arrive at your own conclusions.

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