Are you made for innovation?

Ever wanted to join a company that could change everything?

At Demeuria, we have created the most evolved EcoHybrid Modular home, are developing the EcoWork Complex projects in Europe and in Canada, and our ThinkTank is working on SmartCities Design and many ground breaking projects.

We have set up the basis for an amazing company that will change the future of many Millennials.

Today, Demeuria is a unique concept where technology, innovation and sustainability are the foundation of our vision, and we believe that the success of a company is the sum of the talents it can attract.

Take advantage of this opportunity to become associates for our different sectors of activities. If our core business has a resonance with you, if being part of an international team that believes in changing the world is something attractive, we would love to hear from you.

Some of the areas where you could excel…

Architecture & Design
SmartCities Development
Software development

Join our management team in London , Milano, Vancouver & Luxembourg City!

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