Electroneum solves no problem in the blockchain space

This coin has too much hype and here are several reasons to stay away.

  1. An in-depth review by Verified ICO’s expose several holes in their project.
    They revealed inflated facebook like numbers, a fluffy whitepaper and barely any technology backing their crypto coin. It looks very much like a hype coin that’s trying to take out Bitcoin, and they will fail for sure.
  2. Stupid amounts of shilling going on within their social media.
    There are guys out there registering brand new accounts defending this coin to death. Its 99.9% obvious they are affiliated with the ICO and are trying to regain trust in the community. The smart ones know to stay away from this “shit coin”.
  3. No technology.
    They claim they already have a lot of work done and a blockchain ready to go. If they indeed do, its going to be a copy/paste/rebrand from another one. It can takes years of development to create new technology for this sector. They are saying they are ready to go right after ICO? If they are indeed ready, why are they doing an ICO?
  4. Mobile mining and technical whitepaper isn't technical.
    I’m still having a hard time understanding what they are doing here. All I see is promising of a mobile miner because their blockchain is less intensive than Bitcoin. There are no major details even in the technical whitepaper on how they will accomplish this absurd claim.
  5. Overview whitepaper looks like its directed to attract FOMO.
    Lots of fluff in this one guys. There is more information on crypto-market industry statistics than their own proprietary blockchain technology. Keep going further and we run into mentions of a potential messenger application to compete with WhatsApp/Telegram using their coin integration… Good luck with that! KIK had this idea months ago, and that idea is trash too hence the KIN token taking a beating. If you continue reading, Electroneum also mentions that they are going to be active in the gaming industry as well! These guys can’t even stay in one lane, someone throw them an ADHD pill please.
  6. Excessive marketing tactics
    These guys have been doing a lot of marketing which is normally a good thing but in this case, its not. Its a full on distraction from the product, which doesn't appear to be anything fascinating. As far as I can tell, its all hype and any smart investor will realize this is a shit coin like ATB, except these guys have a better web site. This coin is setup to disrupt nothing more than investors money.

This list could go on longer but I think you can make an appropriate judgement from here. Invest carefully!