Top Spotify Promotion Companies: Reviewed and Rated

Spotify promotion services are one of the hottest topics in the music business right now. Unfortunately it is also the least transparent and hardest to navigate. If your music is not on Spotify playlists chances are you are struggling on the platform. Sadly, a few companies have emerged recently offering very little transparency into their process and delivering little to no results, charging artists upwards of $1000 USD. I went undercover and paid one artist to have each of these companies work the same track. I was borderline infuraited by how some of these companies operated. Don’t open your wallet until you read this article!

The Falling Apple

Failing Apple

Transpareceny: ★★☆☆☆

Price: 800 euros ($940 usd)


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This company should be called the FAILING Apple. They are very good at one thing, collecting your money and doing nothing to gain you movement on Spotify. This company is located in the Netherlands and claims to have strong ties with curators for EDM playlists. They will pretty much work any track you send them and offer no results. They have an interesting strategy, they will place your track on a list, notify you but then remove the track shortly after. The whole point of getting on a list is having a trickle of streams consistently overtime. You also have no idea who and or even how many lists the track is being sent to. They show examples of tracks they have worked before but almost all of these tracks are from mainstream EDM producers who have no problem landing on larger official Spotify playlists. If you like flushing money down the toilet use this service. I never thought this post would reach 4,000 views but it did!

Playlist Push


Transpareceny: ★★★★☆

Price: Flex Pricing ($185+)


Location: Los Angeles, California

PlaylistPush is a more technology forward company compared to others when it comes to Spotify promotion. They have insight into algorithim functionality and have a strategy while working your track. With a very hands on approach playlistpush guides you through the pitching process and notifies you as soon as your track is placed on a list. They also send you a detailed report when your campaign wraps and get on a call to ensure you are satisfied with your results. Having worked with this service I have seen artists coming back to use them a second and even third time. They are great at managing expectations and will tell you if your music is not a good fit. Also, they encourage you to schedule a call with one of their playlist specialists via a 1800 phone number to see if you are a good fit for their service.

Streaming Promotions

Streaming Promotions

Transpareceny: ★☆☆☆☆

Price: $2000 for 16 weeks


Location: Nashville, Tennessee

For starters their website takes about 20 minutes to load. Streaming promotions is one of the worst companies in the space, they have a nice presence on google and seem to be more of a cash grab operation than an actual service designed to help artists. The strange part is the weekly pricing baiting off of the old PR model to pay overtime. In reality a track should be pitched to playlisters in a matter of one week. I have spoke with several artists who say they basically offer no feedback, promise the world and deliver little to no results. They claim to have great connections and will tell you everything under the sun about how great they are without offering up a guarantee. Every artist I know who has used this service would not recommend or come back to use it again. If you are a hip hop artist do not use this service as their inventory of hip hop playlists is very low.

Have you used any of the above companies? Are there a few that I missed? Drop a comment! Looking for DIY Spotify promo? Check out my blog for all things Spotify-

**DISCLAIMER: I am the owner and founder of PlaylistPush. When you start a company you do everything you can to get yourself out there and generate buzz. When I wrote this article the compan had just started and based on what we had heard from artists i.e. horror stories of people being ripped off, emails not being returned and other shadiness. We set out to start the best most transparent service out there and offer real value at a competitive price. Today we do everything we can to measure success, gather data from past campaigns and measure effectiveness of our playlisters which we are constantly monitoring. As with all promotion services your return on investment can vary drastically! We have had artists land on official playlists. We have also had people who aren’t as lucky but we do everything we can to help them along their way. We can only control what curators like and its our job to pair them with the right music. If your music is good, you will do well! Be honest with yourself and where you are in your career as a musician. Best of luck! -Founder of PlaylistPush George Goodrich

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