How This Bernie Supporter Came To Despise Bernie Sanders

Those who know me have long known about my history as an activist in fighting for healthcare reform, reducing student loan debt, and ensuring fairness in the political system. They weren’t surprised by me supporting Bernie Sanders, but they are surprised as to why I no longer support Bernie Sanders and despise him now. They don’t understand how my idealistic progressivism has changed to a more centrist progressivism in the face of extreme radical change in our government, and they have become skeptical as a result.

I think it’s important to share my journey with you so people can understand the shift in my thinking, and why I may not be the only one who used to support Bernie Sanders, and now despise him.

During the 2016 presidential primary campaign, I was a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. I supported him because he seemed to be speaking to my concerns as someone who is carrying a lot of student loan debt, and my spouse and I are finding it a hard time to save up money for a house, pay for our child’s preschool tuition, and to make ends meet. Hillary Clinton, to me, had created a lot of these problems with her husband, Bill Clinton. I was furious with Bill Clinton for repealing the Glass-Stegall Act which deregulated Wall Street and drove a lot of the speculation in the housing and educational markets.

Her timidity in releasing the Wall Street transcripts didn’t bode well for her when it came to seeking my support in the primary. Ironically, the transcripts that WERE released, showed Hillary Clinton to be a very thoughtful person in raising progressive issues before very audiences she was seeking. Even though Clinton had moved to the far left during the primary, I still supported Bernie Sanders because I believed what Wikileaks was releasing during the primary, and I shared much of that information on among my friends and followers on social media.

At the time, I didn’t know that Wikileaks was a front for Russian intelligence, and they were creating and sharing disinformation aimed at Bernie Sanders’ supporters like me. And I fell for it. The stories I shared went viral and were shared thousands of times on Facebook. I unwittingly had done Wikileaks’ work for them in weaponizing information used to destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and to ensure a Trump win. Russian active measures were used on people like me, and these measures worked.

When Bernie Sanders lost the DNC primary, I knew Clinton would be the Democratic nominee. Trump to me was a clear and present danger, and there was no way I was going to let him be the President. Clinton had her flaws, but she was intelligent, could be reasoned with (the leaked emails showed her team listened to progressive feedback and were able to be pressued on key issues), and she would be with me on a majority of issues according to her platform. There is no such thing as a perfect President, and Clinton was going to be a damned good first female President.

So I voted for her. I had been excited by her during the debates with Trump, which she had crushed. She was clearly prepared, thought her answers through, and I was convinced she’d bring that same level of intelligence and understanding on key issues to her post in the White House. She wasn’t as bad as I’d thought she would be.

Then the Comey letter happened. And election day rolled around, with it impacting crucial states and voters.

Vote tallies came in. As one key Midwestern state was lost, I knew Trump was going to win. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I thought, and fell into despair. I was pissed beyond belief that Trump had won. Then all the information about Russia came out during the Trump transition. It was clear to me that Russia had interfered with the election, and had helped Trump get elected. I spent some time examining my own actions during the Democratic primary, and whether I had been played as a fool. I was.

I spent time researching the possible motivations behind Russia to interfere in our election:

  1. Lifting sanctions
  2. Oil deal with Rosneft/Gazprom
  3. The Christopher Steele dossier which mentioned Bernie supporters were targeted with voter supression campaigns and disinformation campaigns
  4. Installing an administration friendly to Russia
  5. Growing Russia’s status as an economic/global superpower by occuppying terrorities ceded to it by the Trump WH administration, which means keeping Crimea, and invading Eastern Europe to seize resources and grow its power
  6. How Russia often uses political extremes such as the far left and the far right to destabilize countries hostile to the interests of Russia
  7. Why Russia opposes climate change regulations — some reports show that Russia ACTUALLY thinks climate change will be beneficial to THEM in opening up Siberia and destabilizing other countries like us in the Western World. They also had funded anti-fracking operations to stop domestic oil exploration in order to prop up value of Russia oil exports.

After days and weeks of research, the motivations of Russia became very clear to me. It benefits Russia to run active measures to destabilize Western democracies, and it means political interference in our elections without firing a bullet. It means our national resources and infrastructure can be safely exploited for them if need be under a Trump WH administration.

And it’s why Russia is still interfering in our midterm elections to ensure Trump stays in office by preventing a Democratic majority that is needed to impeach Trump. Bernie Sanders is helping Russia do that by continuing to divide the Democratic Party with his too cute-by-half statements on Ossoff, sandbagging the national Democratic Party on the Unity Tour with Tom Perez, criticizing the nation’s first black President, and defending the likes of Ann Coulter and saying Trump’s approach to North Korea might be right.

The media really never reported on the financial improprieties with Bernie’s campaign funds, his ties to Tad Devine who worked for a pro-Putin dictator in Ukraine, his wife being under an active FBI investigation, Bernie’s ties to pharma companies, and they continue to fluff up Bernie right now. (Christopher Hayes, I’m looking at you.)

Bernie Sanders’ recent actions has made me very upset, and others upset with him as well. More people are waking up to the fact that they were target of disinformation campaigns, that they’re pissed, and that they’re not going to take it anymore. The goal is to elect a Democratic majority to impeach Trump and return our nation back to sanity.

Anyone or anything that stands in the way of that will be mercilessly called out and reckoned with. Mark my words — Bernie Sanders will not be a part of the 2020 Presidential campaign, and he will fade away into irrelevance because much more information is going to come out about Bernie Sanders soon that shows why it’s dangerous to listen to a socialist who wants to turn America into another Venezuela.

Just say no to Bernie Sanders as the face of the Democratic Party, and find newer, fresher faces to support and showcase democratic values up and down the ballot.