Demole is launching the Training Ground — a $DMLG staking pool with amazing APR on November 11th, 2021. With this staking pool, Demole users will be able to stake $DMLG with just a few simple clicks and earn yield in return. Additionally, this staking pool’s APR can be maximized by incorporating the users’ newly hatched NFTs.

Staking options:

NFT Boost:

APR Calculation Formula:

Total APR = APR (from staking option) x Bonus Multiplier (From NFT Boost)

For example: Tyler wants to stake 50000 DMLG for 360days. He has 5rare NFTs and wants to use them all. So what is Tyler’s APR? Using the formula above, his APR is 85% x 1.30 = 111%.

Questions and Answers:

Q1: Can I change my staking options?

A1: You can change your staking option. However, you can only increase the locking time. For example, 14 days to 30 days.

Q2: Can I increase my stake?

A2: You can definitely increase your stake. However, it will reset your tokens’ lock time.

Q3: What is the flexible options?

A3: The flexible option is the option with the smallest APR. However, it gives users the highest flexibilities as there is no lock time in this option.



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