New partnership announcement: DEMOLE x METRIX.CAPITAL

Today, we released a big announcement that Demole and will accompany each other there. Metrix has so much experience in NFT games. Besides, it’s also a supporter of

Metrix Capital is an investor vehicle which leverages knowledge, expertise, community contacts and capital to invest into crypto projects directly or through our strategic partners. They utilize proprietary research, data engine and community to invest into the most fundamentally sound projects. Furthermore, they are continually establishing new partnerships with various players in the blockchain industry and helping to fund projects and founders in this expanding space.

With this partnership, will help Demole to develop the ecological Demole system, also will allow Demole to integrate with strategic guidance.

Learn More About Metrix Capital

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Welcome to Demole Monsters Metaverse! $DMLG token

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Demole Metaverse

Demole Metaverse

Welcome to Demole Monsters Metaverse! $DMLG token

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