Dare To Dream…

There will come a time in life, when you realize you deserve more. Deserve better.

As human beings, it’s easy to sell ourselves short. It’s easy to settle. It’s easy to expect little of ourselves.

Every single day, at one point or another, you’ll get a glimpse into the life you truly want.

You’ll look out the window and wonder. Wish. Hope. Pray. Dream of the life you want.

And then, those feelings will vanish as quickly as they came.

Soon you’ll realize, maybe even today while reading this. Maybe tomorroou deserve better. You deserve more.

Yet, what’s holding you back is you.

It’s not your family. Not your friends. Not your surroundings.

If you have a beating heart, you have the ability to make a change.

The choices is yours.

You can settle or you can pursue!

Pursue the life you want. Pursue your dreams. Pursue the things in life that bring you happiness.

Take a look out the window today and ponder what it is you want from this life…

Hold on to those feelings. Don’t let them slip away.

Believe and work to make them a reality.

Find that burning desire inside of you and turn that life you want into a reality.

Dare to dream.

Don’t wait. Start now.

Ponder. Dream. Desire. Act!

This is my first post here on Medium. I see this as a place to share your heart. This is what was on my heart today… #daretodream

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