Mission U is a great idea — but poorly implemented.
Denan Strong

I went back to the Mission U website and found, buried in the FAQs, how they address the outrageous costs of being in SF at https://www.missionu.com/faq

Not under costs, but under “Student Experience”. Here’s the key part:

“ The only requirement is that you live within 50 miles of your program’s city. MissionU is designed to enable you to live wherever within that area is convenient and affordable, as long as you have easy access to the city to attend your cohort’s orientation, biweekly meetups and interviews at local companies at the end of the program.”

I commuted to SF and further south in Palo Alto and Cupertino for many years about once every two weeks. That is manageable, IMO.

Couple of suggestions: Mission U should define what they mean by “biweekly” as the word literally can be interpreted as ‘every two weeks’ or ‘twice a week’. Cost-wise that’s a distinction with a huge difference.

Also, whether the ‘50-mile’ rule a requirement or more of a guideline.

But the best solution is to locate their cohort’s 50 miles *from* the hyper-expensive locations. From a student perspective that would provide more opportunity to more students for less total cost while still serving as a platform for good jobs in Silicon Valley or, in our case, the greater Sacramento area where there is a growing demand for high-tech workers.

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