Adam Braun believes in a future that’s free from student debt

Mission U is a great idea — but poorly implemented. What I mean is that starting and requiring residence in a hyper-expensive (rent, food, sales taxes, fees, etc., etc.) city like San Francisco means that students that do not already live there even from say other parts of CA would have to acquire debt just to exist for the year in question.

I skimmed the website and may have missed where it addresses this definitely non-trivial issue.

I live about 90 miles from SF near the Sierra foothills. Rents here are half or less than SF and food and such are similarly lower in cost. CA is absurdly high cost as a state, but Silicon Valley is utterly insane in terms of cost of living.

It borders on misrepresentation not to at least mention the total true costs of getting an education from Mission U *in* SF. If I missed that on the website, I’d be very happy to retract this criticism.

Again, I really like the concept of Mission U and I hope that I’m just missing something big here.

For example, Mission U is perfect for him. But he can be educated in data/business analytics at the local community college in two years for far less *real* total cost/debt than moving to SF for a year in Mission U’s program.

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