I have reached day three in the boot camp and for real I can’t say I’m ready used to the challenging days. Every day is another challenging day of its own with new stuffs to accomplish. For the past two day I have spent in the boot camp, at least I can describe it in one sentence, “I have this to learn today!”

That’s really right, every day you have new stuffs to learn this time as you are being assessed on that particular day, what an environment! So, I think you get my point when I say I have accumulated new material in my brains right from the soft skills to the technical skills. At least I have tested the said “Brilliant Minds of Andela”, working with a supportive team, I like that.

New spirits in Africa, I had not tested this before and I have come to believe , the best environment to groom a computer scientist in all spheres of computing, problem solving ,hard work and quality is being built within the person yourself ,Andela says “YOYO” that’s You Own YOur Learning. It’s totally self-driven learning where every material is provided to you and at the end of the day you are expected to deliver. Though it’s like that as I have written above, one may think all the load is on my head, no it’s not the case, I appreciate the well accessible facilitators cant skip mine @clement Mwendwa, ready to assist in anything so it’s not a die alone and I think I have also talked about the nice collaborative teammates ,seems they have already adopted the Andelian culture “EPIC”.

I feel like seeing my fore days to come as we continue with the boot camp, I don’t want to skip the experience for the next week on-site boot camp, I know it’s just another great learning experience everyone would like to face.

A short sentence for my life these days is, “Multi-tasking has is my habit, cant skip it”.

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