One of the first things I notice when I travel to a new city is the announcements on the public transit system, particularly the chimes and bells that signal doors are closing.

Apparently I’m not the only person who’s interested in “doors closing announcements” as I found compilations galore that have racked up millions of views (???) down a weird YouTube rabbit hole.

Now that I’m not traveling anywhere in the near future, it was fun to watch these videos from different cities and listen to the subway chimes, something mundane to those who live there but can be surprising for those who’ve never been. …

Or, how to use data collected in one geography to characterize another overlapping but different geography. In my most recent example of this, I made a cleaner workflow using Mapshaper.

I compiled some demographics data for the precincts results pages for The New York Times. The problem is that the data comes from Census tracts, but our map was presented as precincts, and these two geographies vary quite a bit.

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The 2017 total solar eclipse over America was an event I won’t forget. In the months leading up to it, I worked on my most involved, farm-to-table graphic story to date: Utilizing 5,000 years of eclipse paths data to show every eclipse during a reader’s lifetime. It was a tedious but very fun task, and I wrote about my trials and errors over on Source.

We followed that up with a second graphic that looked specifically at the path of this year’s eclipse, utilizing scroll to traverse 3,000 miles in pixels. On the day of the eclipse, the graphic had a live-scroll option that would show the approximate location of the umbra on the path. This latter feature was also repackaged as a homepage module as a moving locator on the page. …


Denise Lu


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