Critics of the Documentary “What the Health” Can Just Go to Health!
Joel Kahn

Dr. Kahn, A great article about a fantastic film. Since you mentioned in the last sentence the “prominent doctors” that advocate a fatty animal-based diet, I wonder if there is any video/text discussion between someone like yourself and those doctors such as Hyman, Mercola, and Perlmutter. I would love to see a comprehensive back and forth discussion of these issues. As a WFPB educator, I don’t understand how these doctors support their conclusions that eating a fatty animal-based diet is the road to health. Are they expecting people to live in a state of ketosis forever, burning the fat away that way? And that doesn’t even work for the long-term for these paleo/meat-based eaters right? I know many WFPB doctors believe the research show that these eaters of a low carb, fatty animal foods diet will ultimately be at much higher risk for disease. So if you know of any resource to help me better understand the research these doctors use to promote their claims that eating fat is fine and dandy and then see the critique from the WFPB perspective, I would find that extremely helpful as I continue to educate others.

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