buy your time
Dating: What The F&@%
Brandi Leigh

I know this line is about the commodification of time, like you talk about in the next sentence, but when I first read it I instantly thought about how this guy discussed the purchase of time:

I’m curious why you view app-based dating and social media identity as something separate from organic dating. What about these feel inorganic? They’re impersonal for sure, what with the swiping and filters and literal physical disconnect, but aren’t they just a facilitation tool for organic dating?

I see this as a pure a numbers problem; there are just so many goddamn people (especially in cities) that it’s improbable you’ll find somebody to really connect with and date without these kinds of tools. Not impossible, just less likely than it was say 30 years ago.

Plus I think these tools save an absurd amount of time. Sure you can waste time texting someone that turns out to be a douchecanoe, but surely it’s a greater waste of time (not to mention $) to chat with someone at a bar only to eventually figure out they are a sociopath or a Trump supporter. Although I suppose it’s easier/more common to be dishonest or misrepresentative online versus in-person, I’ve found it’s easier to sniff out such duds online than it is in-person.

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