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DRCS Launch: A Breath of fresh Air for DeFi

The long-anticipated DRCS Launch is here!

Why is the DRCS important? In a sea of get rich-quick-schemes, TOMB & OHM forks we are bringing a new system to the table, which is not suffering from the same game theory fallacies and is instead focusing solely on intrinsic value!

If you want to learn more about the system itself you can check out our introductory blog article or full-fledged paper on the matter.

Initial Reserve State

Our initial assets will include DAI, wAVAX and AMPL. These build the foundation of our reserve and they all serve their own purpose.

  • DAI is a well decentralised stable-coin which is our primary asset for Mints & Exits. While other tokens may be used DAI is more widespread and pegged to the US dollar which leads to less confusion.
  • wAVAX is wrapped AVAX which is the native coin on the Avalanche blockchain. This is definitely a speculative asset but also important in the long-term and to loose USD dependency.
  • AMPL is the only little correlated to other assets in the crypto space and thus is an important asset for diversification. We have a whole blog article outlining the advantages of AMPL for further reading.

Next Steps

With our protocol out the door successfully the work doesn’t stop. We will look into ways to generate active revenue for our reserve like holding LPs or participating in farms. It is notable that we won’t be able to have the same APYs like Olympus DAO or TOMB. While that is not the case our net returns are way more sustainable and forward looking than both of these protocols.

Also while our Mint & Exit gaps are quite large at the beginning those will be tightened in the future (likely through a DAO vote after we built out governance). This is because with our small market cap right now and our minimal liquidity prices

Another aspect we are looking forward to is as strong sense of going multi-chain. Having an ecosystems on main chains exposes us to new earnings possibilities and grows our community by exploring new depths. Furthermore, a few of our team members have a Data Science background which we are hoping to put to good use by maximising our earnings potential!

There are more things planned! This is literally the beginning.



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