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Guardiola is buying fullbacks because what he understands as “management” consists of having the best players in every position and then claiming he invented football. I´ve never understood what people see in him.

He picked up what, effectively, was the Spain that had won the Euro 2008 and would go on to win the World Cup, plus Messi for good measure, and won a Champions League. Reijkaard had won one at Barcelona two years before, with Messi still being work in progress, and playing much the same way than Guardiola would later. Then he ran away when he lost the Liga to a much worse Real Madrid side under Mourinho and thought the game was up, only it wasn´t, as Luis Enrique has proven since. But Reijkaard and Luis Enrique are a pair of nobdies and Guardiola is the god of football.

He then joined Bayern, reigning Bundesliga and European champions under Heynckes, and managed to repeat Bundesliga titles while getting completely destroyed in Europe. But Guardiola is better than Heynckes, apparently. Bayern have since repeated as Bundesliga champions with Ancelotti, but when Ancelotti does it it´s a “meh” because the Bundesliga is a one-team league. Of course, it´s a one-team league in 2017, and in 2014 when Heynckes won it, but in 2015, when Guardiola bought Borussia´s two best players, and 2016 it was, apparently, the toughest in the world.

He then joins Man City, where, after 100 million euros spent, he doesn´t manage anything better in the league than Manuel Pellegrini did, and indeed much worse in the Champions League. He´s already spent 100 more this summer, and counting, and he´ll go on spending another 100 per summer until eventually he wins a Premier, which pellegrini already did, at which point everybody will sing Guardiola´s praises again, and everybody will remember him as the genius who finally put Man City on the map.

I just don´t get it.

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