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How about a “losers´ playoff”, or more marketable, “Draft Play-Off”, Where the 14 non-playoff teams battle each other for the top pick?

Every team would have a reason to be the best version of itself it could be, because it´s impossible to fine-tune your roster at the start of a season to the point where you´re sure to be good enough to win the “Draft PO” but not good enough to squeeze in the 8th seed. Of course you´d see some tanking during the last 5 games of the season or so, where some teams would purposely miss the 7th-8th seed to go for the “Draft PO” instead, but we´re talking 5 games, not 82, of tanking, and no rosters purposely built to suck.

Top picks would develop better and quicker, joining an organisation built to win, and not the soulless wastelands they join now, the season would last about the same for every team, there´d be more games and more revenue, everybody wins.

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