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Nobody wants him to stay more than I do, and, by and large, I agree with the writer in that he will, but there is something to be learnt from the Di Stefano story, which, by the way, is wrongly reported here.

Di Stefano was never “bitterly forced” to leave Real Madrid, he was offered a year, like every over-30 player was back then. He wanted 4, because, according to him, he was special, and D. Santiago Bernabeu showed him nobody was above the club.

The same could happen now. Ronaldo, or more likely that scumbag agent of his, could expect Florentino Pérez to pay Ronaldo´s fine, or start whingeing on TV that it´s all a “political persecution”, like Barcelona´s president did with Messi, or organise a demonstration outside the courthouse when Ronaldo goes to court, like, read above, Barcelona did with Messi, or some other special treatment from the club and/or the fans. Ronaldo wants to be treated like a god, like Messi is in Barcelona, and that is never going to happen, so if he pushes it too far, Florentino may say “go to hell”. I don´t think it´ll happen, but I wouldn´t rule it out completely.

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