Dude, they still have a lot of cap space left.
Michael Jenkins

Of course I´m not giving Kings fans any credit, I´ve never met one and haven´t been to Sacramento in my life, so I´m flying blind here, but these last few years they´ve had DMC, warts and all, to look forward to, now they don´t have anything, and everybody has a limit.

Besides a lot of talent, you need a winning culture and a solid organisation, and both Hill and Z-Bo will help with the first, one with the frontcourt, one with the backcourt, and all for cap space they didn´t need, and maybe one spot down the draft, if that. A bunch of youngsters, by themselves, won´t develop properly, no matter how good their coaching staff is. The Wolves or the Bucks are way more loaded with young talent than the Kings, and they have some veterans in the squad, and even the uber-tanker 76ers are adding some now.

Remember the West is getting much stronger now, we all know that the Kings are fighting the Lakers and the Nets (Celtics) for the top 3 lottery spots, and Hill/Z-Bo aren´t changing that in any substantial way.

And now, Right back atcha! Give the new and improved Kings management some credit, they did what had to be done with DMC, they´ve drafted well, and they´re letting Gay walk. What more proof do you want that they´re not chasing a 20-a-night guy for the sake of it?

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