The point you miss is that the business does not do well regardless of the employees; it does…
karma kamasutra

So now I´m responsible for whatever you decide to read out of my comments? Where and how can you interpret from my comments that I think I´m getting handouts? See the other comment, where someone takes issue with something I´ve actually said, not with something you´ve decided I´ve said.

You know absolutely nothing about what I do to earn that money and how hard I work for it, absolutely nothing about what I understand about economics and absolutely nothing about what relationship I have with my company and my boss, yet you take it upon yourself to lecture me on high school economics.

Look, internet professor, go set up an internet college and go lecture people who want and need your lectures. You can start, if you wish, with the half-understood digest from Das Kapital that you tried to illustrate me with, 25 years after I first read said Das Kapital, and then, since you´re so amazingly farsighted, go tell your students what better alternatives to capitalism has anybody come up with in the last couple centuries.

Yes, my boss makes way more money than me, and he drives an Aston Martin while I drive an Audi, but guess what? It´s him that came up with the ideas I would have never thought about, and it´s him who mortgaged his house to set up his business, not me, so he deserves it more than I do. And guess what else? If his business were not doing so well, maybe I wouldn´t be driving an Audi either, maybe I´d still be driving the Peugeot I had when I was at my previous job, so yes, I´m grateful to him, and if you want to think I´m stupid and “I don´t understand how business works”, even though I´m pretty sure I make way more than you do, you go ahead if it makes you happy.

You want to make Bill Gates money? Awesome, come up with Bill Gates ideas and put in Bill Gates work days, otherwise, stop whingeing with your half-assed socialist crap.

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