Not saying you’re wrong for favoring Maradona(I love him), but still Messi made it to Copa America…
Joshua Baker

That is a very good point, specially for non-European sides. Back in the 80s, about half of the Argentina or Brasil WC sides still played at home -yes, the crappy half, but still half-, whereas now there probably isn´t a single one, and in those conditions, and with like 5 weeks a year of playing together, there isn´t much team building to be made, genius manager or not.

But still, I get the feeling, purely a hunch and based on no evidence whatsoever, so feel free to trash it, that Maradona would have gone Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on Higuain and threatened to shoot him if he missed another one of those ever again, whereas Messi just played the good teammate and gave him a hug. I suppose a modern psychologist, or indeed my wife, who´s a schoolmaster, would be horrified at this, but I´m very old-school and like a bit of epic. What can I say! I´m still for Maradona for GOAT, but you´re right, comparing games across eras is very tricky, so I´d settle for maybe a greatest of each decade, or so.

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