Dude, the vast majority of German clubs are owned largely by member’s associations.
Michael Jenkins

We worship Ronaldo, Do we? You need to go to the Bernabeu and listen around you a little bit. I don´t know what Real Madrid fans you know, but, with all due respect, the real ones have not worshipped any player for as long as I can remember, and that includes kids from Madrid like Raul or Butragueño.

Precisely the reason Ronaldo´s throwing his toys out of the pram is because he doesn´t get the love from the fans and the support from the club that Messi gets from Barcelona. He´d have liked our president to say “we´re all Ronaldo in front of the judge”; like Barcelona´s president said of Messi, and he´d like a demonstration outside the courthouse claiming “political persecution”, like Messi got, as if he were some sort of Nelson Mandela, but he knows he won´t get it, and hence his silly little games now.

For the top 20 or 30 clubs in the world, there´s much more to football than what happens on the pitch. I actually believe that Ronaldo´s production will not be matched by anybody else in the next couple of seasons, but let´s say it will. Ronaldo´s pretty mug is recognised by the whole world, it´s plastered on billboards and PS4 game covers all over the world, and every casual fan know who he is. Can we say the same about Lukaku or M´Bappé or anybody else besides Messi? Real Madrid cannot get rid of Ronaldo until he is perceived by everyone as severely declining. If we sell him now, after the end of season he´s had, it will send the wrong message out, and the marketing hit we´d take far outweighs any purely sporting benefit we could obtain.

Speaking of messages, the same goes for Milan and Donnarumma. Milan is not some bottom of the league side, Milan has 7 European Cups and a very proud fan base, who will still remember the thrashings they used to administer to Real Madrid in the 80´s, I for one painfully remember them. For a hardcore fan from Milan, letting a player go when his contract ends and he refuses to re-sign is part of life, but if he´s sold now, as if AC Milan were a feeder club for Real Madrid, said hardcore fan will be out hunting for the head of AC Milan´s president. Even though I completely agree with you on purely sporting terms, we will not get Donnarumma this season, we can forget about it.

And as for an “aging squad”? Dude, Where? They only important players we have over 28 -keepers don´t count- are Ronaldo, Modric and Ramos. We have enough quality young backups for Ramos at home with Nacho and Vallejo, who is now returning from Germany. Modric will be covered by Isco and Asensio, and Ronaldo with M´Bappé, eventually. You´re right in that we need to make a move now, but we can leave him on loan at Monaco, which should sweeten the deal a bit. Yes, it´d be better for the kid if he went to a more competitive league for that year, but remember Monaco still need to agree to a deal, and keeping him on loan would make that agreement much easier.

Of course we need a deep squad, but in football, where you only have three substitutions a game, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You do need 17 or 18 starting quality players, but if you have 20 or 23, that´s where your problems start and your dressing room harmony starts to suffer. Alaba, Lukaku and many others you may want to bring up are nice to have, sure, but we can´t have that many players, at least 7 or 8 of the 25 need to be youngsters from our system who know their place, and not all of the others should be superstars, even if we could afford it. Remember how the whole Galáctico thing worked out, it was amazing for marketing purposes, but we didn´t win a thing.

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