Gonzalo Higuain scores when he should have in I want to say three different tournament finals, then…
Thanksgiving McDaniels

You´re right, Valdano wasn´t all that, but he was definitely better than Higuain, and it is very true that most of the time, the sides that are marketed to us as the greatest of all time could have very well won nothing had luck been on the other side. Speaking of missing sitters, Robben missed a huge one against us before the end of regulation in the World Cup Final (so extra time and Iniesta´s goal never happen). Now, according to everyone, that Spain was oh so much better than everybody else, when all that separated us from defeat was Casillas´ ankle. Anyway.

I don´t know, when it comes to sport I´m a romantic, I´d much rather have a few epic moments than game after game and season after season of consistent excellence, so I prefer Messi to Ronaldo (3rd generation Real Madrid season ticket holder here) and Maradona to Messi. Actually, my favourite Maradona moment was a loss, not a win. In the 1990 World Cup Final, when the Argentinian anthem was playing and the Germans were booing it, when the Argentinian crowd had previously respected the German one, you could lip-read Maradona saying a lot of things I can´t repeat, and not even translate too well, but, among them, “I´ll teach them”. Now, he never did, but he tried damn hard, and came quite close, and I´ve never admired him more than then -that was before his shenanigans with the Colombian marching powder became public knowledge-. But it still brings a smile to my face, seeing that chubby midget swear to himself that he was going to teach eleven German giants a lesson. But I digress.

Re. Spain, Wow, thank you very much! Have you been then?

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