What makes the LinkedIn profiles you create so unique?

Last night I received this question from one of my newest LinkedIn Connections:

“What makes the LinkedIn profiles you create so unique?”

First of all great question! A question that gave me the inspiration to create this post!

Let me answer by outlining the detailed process that we go through when we help optimize a LinkedIn Profile:

1. Our Research Team utilises its expertise and invests alot of time and effort, researching the industry, competitors and ideal prospects of our clients, amongst numerous other factors.

2. We prepare a custom made Questionnaire for each of our customers depending on their unique circumstances.

3. As soon as we receive answers to this Questionnaire, our Writing Team crafts the unique LinkedIn Summaries, as well as goes through their LinkedIn Profiles in order to ensure the strategic use of words which will prompt their prospects to action. It is worth mentioning that a particular head writer is selected for each profile we create, one whose writing style we feel matches the unique requirements of each of our clients.

4. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team optimizes the LinkedIn Profiles of our clients with targeted keywords as well as implements various LinkedIn SEO techniques in order to help get them found more frequently by their target prospects.

5. Our Art Team designs the unique Background Image, as well as consults regarding the profile image of our customers’ LinkedIn Profiles where required.

6. Our content creators create unique content for the profiles of our individual & corporate clients, which is then optimized from our writing team.

7. When all the above steps are completed, I personally examine each LinkedIn Profile section & work on each and every profile before the process is complete.

We believe in the continuous enhancement of our LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services that is why we monitor on a daily basis, relevant updates in our sector. Our customers deserve the most updated service they can get.

As a conclusion, no LinkedIn Profile we help create is the same. It is crafted according to the specific and unique circumstances of each of our clients as well as the latest developments in our field.

Originally published at linkedsuperpowers.com.