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What Corona teached me about happiness

The pervasive nature of the COVID19-Virus challenged me and my true believes of how I can achieve happiness.

The anti-corona measurements really restrict our daily lives. We are not allowed to move as free as we were used to. Most of us aren’t allowed to party anymore — or at least not as much as we were used to in the past. Traveling too was banished into most regions of the world.

This is the first time we feel grounded as grown ups. This is the first time were we have to face the harsh truth, that we can’t run away from ourselves.

Partying, meeting people, go on holidays — those are helpful tools to forget our problems for a brief moment.

Corona showed me that true happiness needs to come out of myself. Since I can’t be sure that others sources for happiness are available.

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Für schreiben, die Selbstständig werden wollen — Practicing the Art of Serenity. ♾️

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