Deconstructing the tolerance paradox: why Conservatives’ go-to line is garbage.
Parker Molloy

“The Tolerance Of Intolerance Is Cowardice,” But The Intolerance Of The Intolerance Of Intolerance Is Expected.

The first intolerance stands for left wing towards right wing The second intolerance stands for right wing towards muslims The third intolerance stands for Muslims towards women, children, gays, and other religions to name a few.

Funnily enough the intolerance of muslims all go against the spearheads of liberal political efforts.

If the left would be honest and call out Islam as the problematic intolerant religion that it is they would never lose another election in any western country ever again.

But that would bring us back to: The Tolerance Of Intolerance Is Cowardice

And that is what the core problem is, you are too cowardly to face facts. The hate for Islam from the right is because it is so intolerant in the first place.

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