Unfiltered Musing with Meisheue Santiago ❥

From Brooklyn to Long Beach, the two cities that stole my heart.

Question: Do you know your way around your city or town?

Of course I know my way around the city, but what city are we talking about? I was born in Brooklyn. It’s a city that’s paved in red brick and concrete. This city has left such an imprint on my heart that I gave the name to my daughter, Maylee Brooklyn. When it comes to the city that I will never leave, that city is Long Beach. Long Beach is a beautiful city. Reminiscent of Brooklyn in its diversity, and like Brooklyn, has its own culture. Everyone from here knows its the real city by the sea. I love the coffee shops that are down the way from my house, Steelhead and Lord Windsor to be exact. Just go straight down Pine Ave. and you’ll head right into the peer and all the action. Brooklyn is where I was born; Long Beach is where I rest my head.