Where Are Christian Leaders On Violence?

Of the top 25 Christian leaders on Twitter, only 4 mention the tragedy in Orlando this morning. These four tweets called for prayers for the victims and their families.

As a Christian, I think we should have a little more to say. Should there not be an outcry against violence of this nature? While the shooter was not Christian, should there not be a response condemning using violence as promoting a belief?

What should the Christian response look like? Maybe something like this:

Hate is not the Christian way. #PracticeLove.

Put away your sword. #RespondInLove

Be a child of God. #Peacemaker

Followers of Jesus are called to Peace. #RenounceViolence

God is in contol. #BeBrave

Connect with those that are hurting and need help. #SupportOthers

Tragedies of the kind that happened today in Orlando call for a Christian response, guidance, and direction. We face challenges in our lives today that need a new type of discussion. Hate, anger, and fear are visible on television, social media, and in the everyday lives of most us. It is time that the Christian voice begin to reflect how we are to reach out in love to those that are smoldering or struggling. We need to make ourselves available to those inside and outside our faith to give comfort and counsel. The message of peace, love, and Christian principle is more than offering prayers to those that are victims. While that may be an appropriate start, a response of action is required.