Who has the power in your relationship
Kris Gage

Neat…I have been reading a lot of your posts after stumbling onto one about ‘friendship’ being toxic (though you appeared to be talking about what I call aquantances).

You seem to be talking fairly specifically about soft power here: being able to influence the other person without having the means to force them. There are plenty of examples of people who possess hard power while also worrying about it a lot. This doesn’t really work with soft power, because soft power hinges on other people’s perceptions.

Example: my father used to whine a lot about not getting respect. The more he whined, the lest respect he got, so he had no soft power. On the other hand, he still had all the money, so he won every fight until I turned 18 and became independent (then he lost every fight, because he had no other power).

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