Why can’t we talk honestly about the sexes and their motivations?
AJ Butler

“Women select jobs based on selfish needs. They don’t want to work long hours; they want to be with their families. But they want to be relatively secure, with low pressure.”

You remind me of a boss I once had. “We spent so much time training you! Like 30 hours! Why are you complaining that pay is a month late? We even give you overtime and weekend assignments! Stop being so selfish!”

I don’t go to work because I have too much time or there’s a shortage of challenges in my life — I go to work because of what’s in it for me. Is that selfish? Yes. Welcome to capitalism.

I’ve noticed a pattern where men are far more willing to put up with bad employers. When I see a lot of women at a company, it’s a sign that they pay on time and don’t try to screw you over.

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