#8 Tools of Assets & Influence — Here are 5 tips to get you thinking.

This is the eighth in a series of 24 rants where I deconstruct the key drivers of growth and profitability for traditional service or advisory businesses. About us »

I’ll share principles and real business case studies for establishing yourself (or your team) as a Key Person of Influence in your industry, while formalising the essential business assets proven across 2000+ businesses to accelerate growth, profit and lifestyle.

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Here’s me being real about business…

1. Business is an experiment.

Business is where an entrepreneur is testing to see if the world wants or needs something enough to pay for it. There are no guarantees that every idea will work, there’s only really feedback that you get from the market.

A hugely successful result is to figure out that your business idea isn’t going to work (in its current form) faster, rather than taking 5 years to admit it. If you followed the KPI steps and the business didn’t work, you need to change the concept.

2. Business is a team sport.

It’s insanely rare that a business works without a sales person, an operations person and an admin person as well as the Key Person of Influence. I know so many people say “I don’t want a team, it’s too risky”. You might not want to buy four wheels for your car, but cars work better that way.

3. We live in changing times.

What worked three years ago has every chance of not working today. I once made a fortune from newspaper ads that would send me broke today. Our business today Dent.Global is unrecognisable to the business it was three years ago (Entrevo). We’ve added six new product lines and undergone a complete rebrand in that time!

4. Business needs you to make sales every week and it never stops.

If you hate sales, you might want to join a team with someone who does the selling for you. I’m not seeing any “order taking” businesses these days. Everyone who’s making it big in the industry is hitting the phones, getting face to face and pitching their business over and over (even if they’re seeing massive results).

5. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

You might feel like business sucks at times — it does. You might think you’ll never make it — that’s not true, you will make it if you keep leaning in and adapting. When you hit a certain level, life gets really good, you make money, you make an impact, you have fun.

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Keep your eye on the prize, don’t get distracted by news, media and gossip and keep being brave, having fun and making a Dent in the universe.

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Article written by Glen Carlson.