Data is the new oil

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Dec 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Data economy hitting new spiral of evolution.

The first wave was the internet itself. Where we put general data about our World. It connected us to the unprecedented level. Today it’s about 3.9 bln people connected to the internet or about 52% of the World’s population.

The second wave — is data search engines. With the huge amount of data, it was necessary, to find exactly what you were looking for. This generated revenue of $89.5 bln just for one search engine (Google) in 2016.

The third wave was social networks. Where we put general data about our families, friends, and colleagues. Getting closer and know more about each other in real time. This data generated revenue of $26.8 bln for the Social network (read Facebook). With YoY change of ~50%, 2017 will hit the new record.

What next?

2017 will be remembered in history as a new wave of data. Many thanks to the Blockchain. What data can be more personal than friends and family?

Your own data — Health!

More and more leaders from technology field, take Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, focusing on solutions for the Worldwide Health. But to make this happen you need access to this collective data. Which is a huge problem.

To find new drugs, to react quickly to new viruses, to improve and speed up methods of treatment, to make healthcare cheaper — you need the biggest source of data.

The only possible solution to building this data — is the Worldwide Healthcare platform on Blockchain.

We believe that DENTALFIX will be the next big data, as a decentralized and secure database of patients overall medical records where data will be highly protected, updatable and accessible exclusively by patients or by medical institutions, upon a given permission.

And this data will change the whole world, scientists will be finding new effective drugs much faster and easier, the world will react much quicker to new viruses (e.g. Ebola, etc), methods of treatment will improve and spread across nations much faster, and our healthcare will be much cheaper and effective for us, then today.

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