Scam or pivot? A thin line between bad and good for a startup

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Jul 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Usually clients/customers do not see internal processes of a startup-company. And when a non-trained person sees these processes, the reaction may be different. Here is what we have to work with, during our ICO:

To understand the psychology of this reaction, I restored the history through the eyes of two sides. Mine, as startup co-founder and User side.


1 — Our initial idea was to find investors via ICO for our company (CHESS-DENT LLC), which produce/sell dental product (Dental First Aid Kit);
2 — We placed our idea on Bitcointalk forum and we’ve got a lot of negative feedback. People were right. The idea was out of place;
3 — But before remove my post from there, I asked Anton (CEO of Software for Dentals) if he wants to unite. So together we can build a Blockchain for Dentals and supply chain. Anton agreed and that’s how I transformed the initial idea to a bigger one.


Users side:

1 — Some forum’s newbie posting “[ANN] ICO | DentalFx — the world’s best dental first aid kit”;

Actual reaction from Bitcointalk users :)

By the way, here is how our product looks like

2 — Then user (me) replace the initial idea with a different one, from physical product to Blockchain for Dental clinics;

3 — Then adding supply chain;

4 — Then Blockchain platform which can be applied to different industries.

What a mess!

The actual switch was much longer, with comments on four pages :) =>

Of course, for users, this may look like a scam. I understand.

But for us, startup founders — its a pivot.

Not agree? You probably familiar with AIRBNB story. Guys were adjusting to the market :)

But it’s easy to judge on the history.

Try to find the line between such cases: scam of Theranos and Uber’s success and valuation.

Very thin line.

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