4 Powerful Reasons Your Dental Practice Should Use Personalized Social Media Content from Patients

One of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses today is social media. Social media has a wide reach; in fact, there are currently 1.71 billion active Facebook users and 500 million active Instagram users. That’s a huge audience of potential customers! Not only does social media marketing expand your reach, it’s also free — this means your customers can help you market your business at little to no cost to your business itself.

If you run a dental practice, it’s important not to overlook the potential power of social media for marketing. In fact, having patients create and share their own content with your practice’s followers and theirs can be an effective tool for spreading positive accounts about their experience — and bringing in lots of new potential patients. Here are some reasons why you should harness the power of social media marketing to boost business at your orthodontic or dental office.

Pictures Are Powerful

Advertisements with lots of information can be useful, but promoting your dental office with pictures is another great way to market in a manner that actually works. Memory studies show that when people encounter information with no image, they only retain 10 percent of that information three days later. However, when people hear information paired with a relevant image, they retain 65 percent of that information three days later. Also, pictures help encourage virality; Hubspot found that content with relevant images is shared 94 percent more than content without a relevant image. Have patients take and share photos of themselves with info about your office or their visit, and it will make a greater impact on the people who see it.

A Wide Reach to the Right Audience

When current patients create personalized photo content with your branding on it for free, then share that content with their followers, they are promoting your brand to the right audience for your practice. Chances are, current patients have social media connections with other people that live in their geographical vicinity — and branded photos bringing awareness of your practice to those that might need a dental service for themselves or their kids.

Emotions Are Effective

When it comes to marketing, it’s essential to target the emotions of the people you want to attract. A study by marketing experts at the University of Pennsylvania showed that the content that most often goes viral — and that is most likely to be shared online — is content that evokes positive emotions. Social media photos of patients reaching dental or orthodontics milestones — like getting braces on or off, having their first tooth pulled or being cavity-free — can elicit positive emotions in people who see them, making people excited about sharing content further and also about potentially contacting your practice.

It’s All About Relationships

Having a successful dental practice is, at the end of the day, all about building successful relationships with patients. Happy patients are great word-of-mouth representatives and useful brand ambassadors. Social media is a great way to have a conversation with the people who do business with you, to show them you’re engaged and interested in what they have to say and to build strong ties. Ultimately, having patients take and share social media content that you can comment on and respond to is a great way to build relationships with customers who will keep coming back.

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