How Dental Software appointment booking DentalTap can increase your revenue

Online appointment booking — how it works.

Our company recently launched a new online appointment booking feature. And here’s how to activate it and let your patients schedule their appointments online.

Step 1 — Setup your working hours

To do it, open the Calendar page. Click on Workhours button on the top. Select your profile or profile of another provider.

Background event (with title Pamela Lawrance) is a working timeslot for this provider. There are two appointments inside this timeslot.

Then adjust the schedule, add new slots and click on the save button.

Step 2 — Fill in your profile and profile of your clinic

Go to Settings > Account. Add your photo and your name, then navigate to the Clinic tab and fill in the phone, address, and name of your practice.

Profile page. Add here your photo and name. By clicking on the bottom link, you will see an online appointment widget.

Step 3 — Start accepting online bookings!

Now your appointment booking widget is working. Go back to Settings > Account page and copy the link under profile tab (you will see it in the bottom). To check how it looks like, open this link it in another browser, or incognito tab, or log out from DentalTap.

How to maximize the efficiency of online appointment booking

Sticker on your clinic front door
  • Put this link into your email signature
  • Or put this link into your website. Here you need to connect this links with your doctors’ profiles.
  • If you are looking for a website, and don’t have it yet, then you can talk to us. We will create and support a modern website for your practice.

What’s next?

Next step — we will make the link shorten. Soon the address will be like this:
Instead of complicated like this:

To check it in action, and start accepting an online booking in your clinic, please sign up by the link below:

Or read more about our product: