The Interview Isn't the Hard Part

So you’re looking for a new position in the dental field? Resumes are distributed throughout the town. You get the call to come meet at the office in an hour, so you grab a copy of the outdated resume, hastily throw on a some wrinkly clothes, and run out the door to make the appointment on time. You run into traffic, take the wrong turn, and when you finally walk in, everyone is sitting there waiting... (all eyes on you)

Don’t let this happen to you!

Technology today allows you to email your professionally updated resume to those targeted offices of interest. You can still choose to drop one off in person, just make sure that you are put together and know that this first impression will carry into the decision to see you again. To make sure you are ready for a face to face interview with hiring manager, whether that be the dentist, office manager, or lead staff member, be prepared. Make sure your resume is updated with your most recent information including employers, dates, skills, etc. Use a protector to display your resume and cover letter, then place those in your portfolio of certifications, awards, etc., and keep it all in a convenient place. For some tips on writing a professional resume, check this article out!

It’s always a good idea to do a little research on the company/office you are interested in. Go online and look up the doctors, the practice, and their history. You can go to their website, Facebook, or Linkedin to get a feeling for who they are and how they operate. Look at what are the offices specialties, their mottos or philosophies, and any personal stories that could help emphasize your similarities. If possible, get to know some of the staff to see if it seems like a right fit.

In your closet, set aside what you will wear to these interviews. Wear something professional. Lose the wrinkles, stains, and tennis shoes. Never go in smelling like an ash tray, chewing gum with 3-inch finger nails. Leave the facial piercings at home and cover up any hand tattoos. Times are changing and some offices accept people into the medical field how they are, however, don't take any chances at the start. Once you are hired, you will be able to rapidly figure out how progressive the office is about their dress code.

In life, you will often be judged solely by someone's first impression so present yourself well. If you look good, you will feel good. When you feel good, it shows, and that will go a long way.

Goggle map the route ahead of time to let you know how much time you will need to get there. It will also let you know of any delays and reroutes there may be. If you leave an extra 10-15 minutes ahead of the allotted time, you will make sure to be there without any rush.

The Day Comes

The office called several days ago to set up an interview with you. Your interview time arrives and you're excited, and nervous, yet ready. Dressed for success, you arrive early with documents in hand. Relaxed, you go in with confidence and meet the staff you know already. The face to face goes great, you fit in perfectly, you leave with optimism. Then it happens………..

You are called with an offer…… 😊

Shannon Cole

A Passion for the Dental Community

Shannon started her dental career in Miami, Florida in 1981. It has always given her great pleasure to see her patients walk out with a smile. Throughout her career she has worked with, and for, some of the best dentists in the industry. Shannon has participated in courses at the prestigious Pankey Institute in South Florida as well as The Nash Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After finishing her Bachelors of Science in Health Administration/Health Management, Shannon understood the dental industries staffing needs and decided to act by developing a company that could do it all. Shannon excels in staffing offices with the right people to grow with the team. Shannon belongs to the American Dental Assistants Association and the National Association of Professional Women. Shannon actively supports the research for the cure to cancer as well as other diseases. Shannon is also involved with a nonprofit that loves and helps the homeless.

Outside of the office, Shannon enjoys spending time in the outdoors, traveling, and being with her family.

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