To Work or Not To Work

Work ethic, morals, respect, loyalty, commitment... Words we all claim to aspire to but how many actually turn words into action? I was always taught that when Iaccept a position or I commit myself to something, I follow through. I am there on time, full force, and I am the best I can be. However, how does one learn or acquire these attributes?

Since I started my own staffing company, it amazes me on a daily basps that some individuals have no work ethic at all. They commit to a job and then they don’t showup or cancel at the last minute. It reminds me of when I was single and getting someone to actually show up was almost a surprise! ;) When did this change take place and why did this standard fall away?

The era my parents raised me up in seems so different than what this new generation is growing up in. To my eyes, it seems like a lack of direction and respect or maybe it’s just a sense of entitlement. Perhaps it is actually that there are too many options in this day and people struggle to choose one and stick with it. Many people have entitlement issues though it seems now that college grads believe they should make the same as a someone who has thirty years under their belt. Everyone seems to think they are a special little flower so they deserve special treatment. They don’t understand or think that they have to prove themselves and they don't realize they have to make their way just like the rest of us did. The older seem to know better, or perhaps that is just the years of experience, but they come from a different generation which had different values and ethics.

People take on assignments, knowing (or maybe not) that the offices (employers) are counting on them and yet I constantly have cancellations at the last minute. Frankly, it seems like they don’t care. I understand that emergencies come up though the frequency with which I hear them is astounding. I’m sick, my child is sick, my car broke down, my grandfather died, and it goes on and on. I know if I called in sick, four times in a month, I would be fired and my reputation in the industry would suffer.

Work ethic is a belief that quality, hard work and diligence has a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue, or value to strengthen character. It is about prioritizingwork and putting it at the center of life. Social installment of this value is considered to enhance character through hard work that is respective to an individual’s field of work.*

A strong work ethic is vital for achieving goals of any nature. A work ethic is a set of moral principles a person uses in their job. People who possess a strong work ethic embody certain principles that guide their work behavior and this leads them to produce high-quality work consistently and the output feeds the individual to stay on track. A good work ethic fuels an individual’s needs and goals; it is related tothe initiative and discipline of a person to meet their objectives. For these, it is considered a source of self-respect, satisfaction, and fulfillment.*

In the 1940's, work ethic was considered paramount. In the late 19th century, the Arts and Crafts movement of Morris and Hubbard noted how "alienation" of workersfrom ownership of the tools of production and their work product was destructive of the work ethic because in the expanding firms of that era, the workers saw no point in doing more than the minimum.*

It is said that, “Recession holds back work ethic because the generation that inherits it, lives in an economy that isn’t ready to receive them.” Without the work there to do, the ethic that’s attached to it fails to generate distinctive value. The negative work ethic and power structure that doesn't value or credit work done, or unethically attributes work done as a service, or when higher moral ideals have dissolved, the focus turns onto self-centered perks and individualism.*

For me, it doesn’t matter how society changes, I am always going to do the best that I can and keep my commitments, just as I always have.*

*Information shared here is from the book Human Factors of a Global Society: A System of Systems Perspective by Marek, Karwowski, Frankowicz, Kantola, Zgaga

A Passion for the Dental Community

Shannon started her dental career in Miami, Florida in 1981. It has always given her great pleasure to see her patients walk out with a smile. Throughout her career she has worked with, and for, some of the best dentists in the industry. Shannon has participated in courses at the prestigious Pankey Institute in South Florida as well as The Nash Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After finishing her Bachelors of Science in Health Administration/Health Management, Shannon understood the dental industries staffing needs and decided to act by developing a company that could do it all. Shannon excels in staffing offices with the right people to grow with the team. Shannon belongs to the American Dental Assistants Association and the National Association of Professional Women. Shannon actively supports the research for the cure to cancer as well as other diseases. Shannon is also involved with a nonprofit that loves and helps the homeless.

Outside of the office, Shannon enjoys spending time in the outdoors, traveling, and being with her family.

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