Some useful tips for temporary filling aftercare.

Tooth Filling

When you are suffering from a toothache that is as a result of a dental cavity, the answer to your problem is not always extraction. There are a myriad of ways to treat a tooth pain that will help keep your natural tooth. The temporary dental filling is one of the best options. Many people experience some discomfort after receiving temporary filling and the usual advice from the dentist is to avoid eating or drinking certain things that can result in pain. The filling will take some time to settle and become part of your mouth.

- Use Care When Brushing and Flossing

One of the main area of concern when having a temporary filling is how to take care of it carefully while maintaining proper oral hygiene. Taking care of your filling is much like flossing and brushing your natural teeth. Find a toothbrush that has extra-soft or soft bristles. Then using a gentle touch, carefully clean your teeth including the one with a filling. Flossing a temporary filling can be a little bit tricky. A dental filling that spreads near the edge of your tooth requires a lot of care when flossing. Instead of pulling the floss up in between the teeth when you are ready to move on to the next one, instead carefully pull it out from the side of the tooth. This reduces chances of the floss getting stuck on the edge of a dental filling while pulling it out.

- Use Caution When Chewing

Try chewing only on the side of your mouth that does not have the filling. This may be difficult for you to remember. You may find yourself forgetting and chewing on both sides after all. Gentle and careful chewing will probably be fine. In other cases, your dentist may recommend you avoid chewing using that side of the mouth for 24 hours after receiving a silver filling. For white fillings, you can chew immediately the numbness wears off. Try eating soft foods if you have temporary fillings on both sides of the mouth. Generally, stay away from foods that are crunchy and hard such as nuts. Chewing gums and toffee should also be avoided.

- Beware of Unusual Sensations

When the anaesthesia wears off from the temporary filling, be careful not to manipulate or bite that area of your mouth. It is most likely to become numb, making it easy for you to accidentally cause harm to the side of your tongue or mouth. As the anaesthesia starts to wear off, you may feel an unusual tingling sensation. This will reduce as the medication continues to work its way out of the body. Also, be careful if you try taking any hot liquids. You will not be able to feel the hotness of the beverage,and you could burn your mouth.

- Figure out how long it takes for your temporary filling to set

There are different types of temporary filling,and each of them takes adifferent amount of time to set. Being aware of the setting time will assist you to have a general time frame for which you should be careful not to cause any damage to the filling.

Bottom Line

With a few extra minor modifications and precautions, you can make sure that your temporary filling stays intact as your dentist intended. At Springvale Dental Clinic, we endeavor to take the fear, discomfort and mystery out of caring for your teeth. Our dentists have dedicated themselves to offering our patients with high-quality services they require so that they can experience the smile they want. Give call us or leave a note if you are looking to have temporary filling installed.