How to Write a Winning Dental School Resume

A resume is your first contact with the admissions committee and the flawless it is the higher your chances of consideration will be. You get to professionally show off your skills, achievements and prove your ‘worth’. A perfect resume is the key to this slot and the admissions committee it does not matter how much you have qualified or how much experience you have over the years but if you have a poorly written resume you will have a hard time earning the slot. But don’t forget about your dentistry personal statement. Here are some of the tips towards writing a winning dental school resume.

Main Requirements

A winning dental school resume should be:

Relevant: if it doesn’t improve your consideration score don’t include it. Your resume information should only bring out relevant skills and qualifications.

Brief: too much wording is not appealing to the eye, keep it brief onto the point.

Visually appealing: use a typeface that is easy to read, formal, well organized and same sized. A visually appealing resume not only attracts the reader but also shows how well you pay attention to detail.

Progressive: put your resent and most important information first. Try grouping your information by years to avoid mixed up information.

Efficient: the reader should be able to know who you are and your strength by simply going through the resume.

Grammatically correct: if you don’t know what the word means no matter how ‘professional’ it sounds don’t use it. Proofread to ensure no mistake goes undetected.

A Piece of Advice from Our Experts

A resume is a chance to impress the admissions committee way before they meet you. How well you present your skills, experiences and knowledge will determine whether you get slot in your dream dental school. Applicants should strive to achieve an honest, crisp and effective presentation of themselves.

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A List of Tips

Keep it simple.

Know the purpose of your resume.


Be consistent.

Use non- decorative fonts that are easy to read.

Be positive.

Stand out.

Personalize it.

Focus on achievements.

Never send a photocopy of your resume.

Never lie.

Use action words.

Include awards and acknowledgements.

Choose an appropriate name while saving the file.

Don’t be wishy-washy.

Include presentation and communication skills.

Avoid using italics, bold and underlining.

Make it visually pleasing.

Avoid fancy layouts.

Get help from a professional.

Avoid bullet points.

Avoid vague terms.

Use facts and figures.

Try using font size 10–12.

Be brief.

Show your personality.

Confirm your contact information.

Use effective titles.

Avoid images and graphics.

Don’t include hobbies, marital status unless they boost your consideration score.

Avoid overusing “I or me”.

Never use CAPS.

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