Elucify Product Updates (Early 2017)

It’s been a whirlwind 2016 for the team here at Elucify. There’s been a fair share of tough times here, as startups always go. But there’s been some amazing things that have happened to us, key among them being us getting into YCombinator.

For the past 6 months we’ve been beta testing our vision with a select group of users and iterating based on their feedback. These users have been contributing data back to our database and are absolutely the lifeline of the company. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our users about what we’ve been up to. Instead of blasting out each and every update, we’re trying to do it in one fell swoop. Try to contain your excitement till the end!

By the way, if you need an Elucify account, you can get one right here. It’s 100% free forever to start reaching out to your prospects.

What is Elucify?

Elucify is a free and crowdsourced database for business contact information. We take business information given to us anonymously by users and combine that with a vast array of data that is publicly scraped to try and give the best business contact database on the internet without a paywall. Elucify users are sales professionals who come from every industry. They come to Elucify because:

  • They need an to up-to-date “source of truth” to find high quality emails of decision-makers at specific companies
  • They need a low-cost (it’s free!) way to access profile data of over 3 million contacts at over 300,000 businesses across the US
  • They need contextual information on the companies they are selling to, such as location data, web stack, top leadership, and more.

Whats new in Elucify 2.0?

  1. Sell to your target accounts armed with up-to-date company and person data

We’ve vastly improved the interface of company profiles on Elucify. On each company profile, you’ll find details about the company such as location, funding, web technologies, top leadership and more.

2. Build large lists of prospects with ease

Need to increase the speed and volume of the prospects that you reach out to? Not a problem. In our new bulk list creator, you can create large lists of prospects via an easy-to-use interface. You can track the lists that you’ve created with Elucify data and so you can A/B test how prospects in different lists can work for you.

Also, with our new editable dashboard, you personalize your lists and drill down into previous list attributes.

3. Easier ways to contribute back to the user community

What makes Elucify truly special is that our database product is truly free. We value your contributions to our database far more than money. With each colleague you refer, more contact data gets added to the database to the benefit of the entire Elucify community. In addition, users can also contribute to the database by identifying wrong information and correcting it in the database. By using the power of the crowd, we can create a truly high quality database.

4. 40% more contact data now live

For the past few months, the Elucify team has been hard at work unlocking new data sources to add to the database for the benefit of all of our users. That, and now with hundreds of users on board contributing data back to the database, we’ve given our contact database a 40% lift in the number of contacts that we have. Data is key to what Elucify does and we couldn’t be more excited about this.

5. Outlook access!

A highly requested feature, we’ve rolled out an Outlook integration to allow users with Outlook emails to finally join the Elucify community. Go wild!

It’s been a busy 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited about what 2017 might have in store. We wouldn’t be here without our beta users constantly giving us feedback and encouragement along the way.

Cheers to 2017!

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