The 4 Best Ways to Make Money and Work from Home

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There are various ways to make money online but with this post we want to focus on some of the favourites, in fact these are the Big 5 of generating a passive income on the internet. These methods are used by all super successful marketers and dotcom millionaires across the world, and through the years remain the undisputed champions when it comes to leading you to financial freedom and work from home.

But you must understand and accept the fact that none of these are “Magic Buttons” that will turn your PC into your own private ATM. Prospering from these methods will entirely depend on the amount of effort you’re willing to sacrifice. There’s Online Writing and Publication, having your own WordPress Blog (Which is Most Important), doing Social Media Jobs to get paid, and having your own Email List.

Being a professional blogger goes hand in hand with writing and publishing your work, because of the intense learning involved in getting recognised as a professional. Regardless of the method you choose to make money online, in the end it all comes down to providing compelling, interesting and useful content.

Online Writing And Publication — Writing online can take many forms, from writing guest posts as online projects to publishing your own eBooks. Now you can easily self-publish your eBook with the Page Rank 5 Publisher called BookRix. The best part is that it will not cost you a single dime to publish, but they do take a percentage of your sales once your work start selling.

Your eBook also get published automatically and with no extra effort from your side on sites like Kobo, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Barnes & Noble to mention but a few. Once published you may want to consider publishing articles with links to your eBooks in the signature on a site called My E-Zine Articles Dot Com. Or if you have your own Blog, leverage this article writing tactic to get more visitors to your blog.


There are also online writing jobs and you can easily create your free profiles and search for jobs on sites like Guru Dot Com, Freelancer Dot Com and UpWork Dot Com Deon Christie Click to tweet

This is where you get in direct contact with customers requesting certain online writing projects, among many other jobs available.

Having Your Own WordPress Blog — Making money by having your own WordPress blog will require quite a bit of research, so your blog can be indexed and actually rank in Google. This involves the fine tuning of your content creation capability, keyword research and search engine optimization.

This is also why publishing your own work goes so well with blogging, because both activities will increase your writing capability and ultimately get you recognised as a professional. Once your blog start ranking you can make money by selling ad space, or promoting affiliate offers and even selling banner ad space to mention a few options with blogging.

Doing Social Media Jobs to get paid — There are many companies paying designers and social media experts for jobs like creating social profiles and maintaining accounts. Many of these companies do not have the time, so they choose to out-source the work. Now these jobs can also be accessed through the same sites as mentioned with online writing earlier.

But always remember that just like an interview to get a job, the same concept applies when getting considered for a particular job or project. Your professional profile is of utmost importance because like with anything else online, you will face fierce competition.

Be sure your profile is professional enough to inspire interest from potential customers, proof to your audience that you are in fact as professional as your profile suggests. And if your profile pic is that of your favourite pet, then you may want to retrace your steps. A full frontal passport type picture is extremely important. Audiences want to know who you are before they’re going to spend any money for your work.

Having Your Own Email List — The one thing (Among a few others) all super successful people online have in common, because few things online generate sales like a large responsive email list. Actually a list of as little as 1000 subscribers can generate a comfortable passive online income.

Your email list can also grow much faster when your blog displays the web-form to your list so your blog readers can subscribe to your email list. But always offer your visitor a reason to subscribe by offering a valuable free gift, something that offers a solution to a common identified need within your niche.

Terms like the best ways to make money, and the fast ways to make money are often a little over exploited, and so easily get misunderstood as getting rich quick. Quite the contrary in fact, because success online or otherwise requires sacrifice and extremely hard work. If it is easy, then it will not be worth it and if it is worth it then it will not be easy.

Always remember that the only difference between the super successful people online, and the ones not quite as successful yet, is Time. All four these methods require a lot of time and research to reach perfection, but time will always be the most important ingredient of any success story.

Those super successful people you see displaying the impressive income results, are the results of years of hard work and failing more times than they can remember. But there is no such thing as failure really, there’s only learning because you never actually fail.

You either earn, or you learn and then use the fresh knowledge from those failures and move on being so much better informed. If you want to know what actually works, then you will also run into the methods that don’t work which is equally important.

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Success means going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm, which is quite easy when you’re driven by fascination with what you do. Because then it will be impossible to give up.

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