Could you provide an example, please? I really don’t think this is unique to the JS ecosystem.
Dmitri Farkov

A simple example… Me for example. I wanted to learn how to make a more dynamic website, basically I’m a back-end developer and I’ve been used to simply render pages using HTML templates. Now which path should I take ? Should I go for Angular ? What about Angular2 ? Does Vue.js respond to all my needs ? Or should I go the React way ? Then what’s Webpack ? What’s browserify ? Should I use one of those in combination with whatever framework I intend to use ? What are all the fuss about CSS Pre/Post processors ? Bower ? Gulp ? Sass ? How do I integrate all these tools in my workflow ?

In short terms, if I want to start writing a more dynamic front-end, then I’m going to need to learn, identify, choose these technologies. Which means spending an incredible amount of time reading articles, documentation, tutorials. Those are just examples.

Now for the back-end story, I’m into Go right now. If I want to create an API to use with my front-end, then I’m just going to use the standard library, which has a nice net/http package. If I want to something more complicated of course I’ll have to find a library, but there are not 20 libs that do the same things in a different way, it’s pretty straightforward.

I don’t know if my explanation is clear or not. But that’s where I am right now. The front-end (which is “just” the UI using the back-end) is getting LOADS more complicated than the back-end.